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Selecting the Best Arabica Beans

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Selecting the best green (or unroasted) coffee beans is the heart of our quest for the best cup of coffee. Much like grapes that make up a fine wine, green coffees can taste radically different depending on the type of bean, the farm that grew the beans, and the way the beans are processed.

Arabica coffee comic

Green coffee beans come in two varieties: arabica and robusta. We choose only arabica beans because they are far more flavorful than robusta (grocery stores usually use inferior, cheaper robusta beans or a mix of robusta and arabica).

Arabica beans are grown at higher elevations than robusta (the best arabica beans grow at 3,500 to 7,000 feet). Cooler weather at higher elevations causes the beans to take longer to mature, intensifying the wonderful flavors that we seek. These beans are more expensive because the plants yield less coffee per year and are more difficult to pick at the higher elevations – and because the quality of the best arabica is unmatched!

Pacifico Primo Coffee Trading Company’s dedication to quality sends them scouring the globe for the best coffees and working to form relationships with suppliers to ensure that we get the best!

Our Blends. Buy Now!
"I love them all"
100% Arabica
Pacifico Primo Coffee BlendPacifico Primo $11 lb
Pacifico Primo... Our first blend, the one that started it all...
Pacifico Primo Coffee Papagallo BlendPapagallo $11.50 lb
...Our best selling blend. Complex and balanced...
Pacifico Primo Coffee Kilimanjaro BlendKilimanjaro $12 lb
A lively taste you'll find only in the best East African coffees
Pacifico Primo Coffee Senza BlendSenza $11.50 lb
Decaf. A two-bean blend, pleasantly smooth and full-bodied...
Pacifico Primo Coffee Mezzanotte BlendMezzanotte $11.50 lb
Half decaf and half caffeine. Perfect for the late evening...
Pacifico Primo Coffee Normandy BlendNormandy $13 lb
Bold and intense well-balanced traditional French-style coffee...
Pacifico Primo Coffee Melange No 12 BlendMelange No.12 $14 lb
(Organic) A fusion of our carefully selection of certified organic beans
Pacifico Primo Coffee Organica BlendOrganica $14.50 lb
(Organic) Creme de la creme superbly crafted organic blend...
Pacifico Primo Coffee Escobar BlendEscobar $12 lb
A rich, complex coffee, with a medium body and a clean, rich flavor.
Pacifico Primo Coffee Istanbul BlendIstanbul $11.50 lb
A deeply satisfying blend in the tradition of the Turkish coffees of old.

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